Woolly's Rugs

It's Woolly Nice to Meet You


Here at Woolly’s, we believe the more you know, the better.  So, we want you to get to know us and our wool rugs a little better.

Crafted to the highest quality:

We have partnered with an American manufacturer to bring the highest quality rugs from their looms directly to your room.  By working directly with the mill, we ensure the rugs are crafted to the highest standard and are worthy of being a part of your home.  We want to make premium wool rugs accessible to everyone.

 Literally, the foundation for all types of room design:

We also looked at the industry as a whole and realized there are TONS of different options out there.  We thought, instead of offering something for everyone, we’d offer the best for everyone.  Our rug patterns, colors and styles are curated by our onsite design team to appeal to every design taste, from mid-century modern to traditional, from eclectic to electric, from basic to boho.  A rug can literally be the foundation for any room design, and Woolly’s Rugs enhance any styled room.

We sheepishly brag about our wool:

Our USA based partner mill has 40+ years of experience in producing the highest quality rugs from the highest quality wool.  The wool we use in our rugs is imported from either the UK or New Zealand, depending on the product.  We emphasize having the best wool, for the best performance of our rugs.  There are no shortcuts when weaving a premium product, so only premium wool will suffice. We selected the best products we could stand behind, so you can have the best rug to stand on.