Woolly's Rugs

Simple in Style, Woven in Complexity

What separates our rugs from many online options, starts in the construction of the rug.  Our rugs aren’t printed or glued together.  They’re not flat and paper thin. They’re woven, intertwined warp and weft yarns to create one substantial fabric, a
Woolly’s Rug. 

Like most things in life, there are no shortcuts.  All Woolly’s Rugs start with the finest wool from our partners in the UK or New Zealand, depending on the product.  After meeting our strength and fiber width tests, we check dye lots to make sure our products maintain consistency in look and feel.

After wool arrives at our partner mill, located in Pennsylvania, wool is hand tied from large reels of wool to single ends on the back of a loom.  The weaver then runs the loom, making sure the warp and weft yarns run smoothly and the rugs have a consistent feel.  

To finish the rug, the roll goods are processed through the final stages of inspections and finishing before the rugs are cut and serged.  Rugs are then wrapped and sent directly to your home.  We always include a rug pad with every order, just to make the process that much easier.

From start to finish, other high end wool rugs can take up to 3 months.  But, thanks to our partnership, most Woolly’s Rugs are ready to ship in 3 DAYS not months.