Woolly's Rugs

Freebies To Make Buying A Breeze


At Woolly’s Rugs, we believe you should see, feel and know the product before you buy it.  We want you to love your rug as much as we do, so getting a sneak peek isn’t just important, it’s often necessary.

We will gladly send free samples for you to review the color and texture of your new rug.  It’s important to see how our rugs match your favorite paint color, your favorite pillow or your favorite box in the corner that you’ve been meaning to move for a couple days (weeks).  

We know home overhauls rarely are as simple as a new rug or coat of paint, but it’s still super important to have a paint chip or rug sample to design around. We’re happy to provide that for free.  Anything we can do to help with your DIY design, we’ll aim to do (aside from moving those boxes).