Woolly's Rugs

About Us

A rug in your home is lived on and breathed in every time you kick off your shoes. A rug is what welcomes you into each room of your home, allows you to relax after a long day, and gives you the space to do your morning yoga routine. So shouldn’t you know where you stand?

With Woolly’s Rugs, you’ll always know where you stand. We have partnered with a U.S. carpet manufacturer based in Pennsylvania for product weaving and rug fabrication. Through this partnership, we’re able to import ethically sourced wool from New Zealand and the UK. When weaving our rugs we emphasize quality, comfort, and timeless design, with a conscious effort of using renewable materials. This means you’ll also know where you don’t stand. 

With Woolly’s Rugs, we have our eyes set on a brighter future.  That means we will only partner with suppliers that have the same values and goals as we do.  You’ll never stand for bringing materials into your home that may be unsafe or undesirable for those members of your family with certain allergies or other sensitivities. Woolly’s products are Green Label Plus Certified - guaranteeing a non-existent to very low emission rate of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). You can feel confident about where your baby is crawling or where your fur baby is playing - all while reducing negative environmental impact. You’ll know you stand with honesty, safety, and sustainability that will bring joy to your home for decades.